Mammut Industrial Group Tanker trailer

Mammut Industrial Group Tanker Trailer

Tanker is used solely for the transport of liquids. Due to the type of fluid being shipped, the tank body can vary. While for the carriage of fuels (Gasoline, Diesel, Mazut, Kerosene) the body is made of carbon steel, for the transportation of hygienic fluids the body is mainly made of stainless steel. Using aluminum in certain cases, such as transporting of aircraft fuel is recommended for safety reasons but in other cases it may be used if cheap to run. Where liquids are corrosive (like acid or alkaline substances) the only economic solution is application of special coatings on the interior of the tank. Liquid in tanker is drained either by gravity (its own weight) or using a pump which is separately installed on the trailer and driven by a small diesel/gasoline engine.

Mammut Industrial Group Tanker Safety

Transportation of liquids regardless of their type is dangerous from two aspects. First, when driving the movement of fluid in the tank causes strokes in the longitudinal and transversal direction, which can easily cause instability and result in accidents such as overturn or jackknife. Using baffles inside the tank is a decisive and appropriate solution to overcome such problems furthermore the existence of RSP (Roll Stability Program) in all Mammut Industrial Group Industrial Group products effectively fixes this problem. Another risk is the overflow and vapor control of liquids, which depending on the type of the liquid, there are some solutions such as: providing of overflow vent, vapor recovery path or transportation under positive pressure. Apparently compliance with ADR rules in construction of all tankers is a Mammut Industrial Group priority and privilege.

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