Mammut Industrial Group Refrigerated Conex

Mammut Industrial Group Refrigerated Conex

Refrigerated conex is used as industrial refrigerators for storing goods such as meat, dairy products, fruits, flowers, plants, medicines, chemicals, blood products and so on. Since storing temperatures for various products are different, then refrigerated conex is designed to keep temperatures both below and above zero. The key task of the walls is keeping this temperature range inside the conex as fixed as possible that’s why its thickness is considered at least 10 cm. The walls are made of Mammut Industrial Group sandwich panel with high density polyurethane foam. Both sides of the panel are covered by Aluzinc sheets having high resistance to rust and other environmental conditions. Conex sanitary condition is approved by public health authorities and it is easily kept clean by constant washing. The floor is made of panel with aluminum sheet cover which can be corrugated (checkered) or T as per customer’s request. Refrigerated conex may be installed both in open areas and closed spaces

Mammut Industrial Group Refrigerated Conex Cooling Unit

In refrigerated conex, enough space is provided for refrigeration system (cooling unit), in which a condenser and a compressor are properly installed so that it can be easily accessed for repair and periodic inspections. For preventing heat loss from the conex inner space and entering air / dust into it, a sandwich panel entrance door surrounded by a superior rubber sealant is provided. For choosing the right cooling unit, first you should know which type of product is to be preserved i.e. the appropriate storage temperature range (+/- 0) should be clear. Moreover since different cities have different temperature and humidity variations and these climate conditions have direct effects on unit performance, so where the conex is eventually utilized is important too.

Dimensions (External):
Length : 8,000 mm
Width : 3,000 mm
Height : 2,800 mm

Chassis :
IPE 180 / with skid
Frames of high-strength steel sheets transformed to L section
(Chassis and frames painting of polyurethane)

Condenser Installation :
Located in the width / with steel safeguard frame / wall & door of steel mesh / roof of Aluzinc sheet

Walls & Ceiling :
10 cm sandwich panel with two sides of Aluzinc sheets (25 microns paint outer + 6 microns of primer inner surfaces) and 40 mm injected Polyurethane foam (density 40kg/m3) / suitable for any weather conditions / reinforced roof with steel U (where evaporator and hooks are installed)

Floor :
15 cm sandwich panel / covered with aluminum rail

Door :
2 x front doors / 8 cm sealed sandwich panel / hinges and special door locking

Electric Wiring :
MAMMUT standard lighting system for retriggered box

Refrigerating Unit :
For temperatures above zero (+5º C)
1 x compressor (4 hp)
1 x evaporator NBC 240 C6
1 x condenser NUC240 CT

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