Mammut Industrial Group Sandwich Panel

Mammut Industrial Group Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panel is a combination of different materials with an intermediate layer made of polyurethane foam, rock wool or other stuff. Sandwich panel is surrounded from both sides by metal sheets (Aluzinc, galvanized …). In terms of external layer, sandwich panels are divided into several types: one side sheet one side foil / each side of foil / each side of nylon / one side sheet one side paper. Metal coating of Mammut Industrial Group sandwich panel has a high strength and corrosion resistance property. Aluzinc sheet is of carbon steel with a coating of an alloy consisting 55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 16% silicon. Aluminum increases corrosion resistance of the sheet and zinc enhances its abrasion properties.

Sandwich Panel Face Sheet

The coiled sheets used in sandwich panel production are all pre-dyed and painted in a specific process named “Coil Coating Process”. Color variation of these sheets provides consumers with a wide range of choices. The outer coating is a 25 microns polyester resin while the inner one is a 7 microns primer intended for better bonding to foam. Based on customer's request, Mammut Industrial Group is capable to produce sandwich panels with stainless steel face sheets for food industry and aluminum face sheets for construction purposes. Some of the mechanical and chemical properties of face sheets are shown in below table.

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