Mammut Industrial Group Standard Conex

Mammut Industrial Group Standard Conex

Standard conex is manufactured for use as office, residential, workshop and other public spaces. Different sizes of conexes can be connected to each other to create much larger spaces. Interior design and partitions are accomplished according to the customer demands. Utilization of sandwich panels for walls, ceiling, floor and even entrance door of this canex has made it light and well insulated against cold and heat. Double-glazed windows enhance this insulation too. Standard conex is supplied in two types: with and without skid. The steel chassis and all welded components in both types, provide a very sturdy structure that guarantees its durability in multiple displacements.

Superior Quality

The walls and ceiling of standard conex are made from sandwich panel with high-density polyurethane foam and Aluzinc sheets having excellent adhesion and durable super-polyester color. The walls are 4 cm thick while ceiling and floor are 5 cm. Ceiling is a double-sheet panel with Aluzinc while the floor panel is one side Aluzinc and other side plywood laminated with PVC lining. Utilization of the best quality accessories in this product is an advantage. Standard conex is 1-12 m long and 1-3 m wide so that existing equipment like semi-trailers can easily carry them.

Mammut Standard Conex
Mammut conexes have advantages such as low weight , high strength , insulated against cold and heat and In order to create larger space have the ability to connect to each other. Conex is produced in different sizes according to customer's specific design and internal partitions.

Structure Metal (Carbon steel)

Chassis Chassis with skid and without skid

Wall/Roof Made from Mammut special sandwich panel with two sides pre-painted Aluminum Zinc alloy coated sheets-top side 25microns super polyester oven paint, bottom side 7 microns primer – polyurethane insulation with 40± 2 kgs/m3 density . The wall thickness is 40 mm and the roof thickness is 50 mm.

Floor Made from sandwich panel with one side pre-painted Aluminum Zinc alloy sheet and the other side plywood 18mm with PVC covering , Floor thickness is 50mm.

Windows Two nos (Length=1 m) double glazed windows made from color UPVC with screen / curtain.

Door One entrance door made from 40mm sandwich panel with two sides pre-painted Aluminum – Zinc alloy sheet with special color and aluminum profile and two rubber layer.

A/C Window One window from 40mm sandwich panel with special Aluminum.

Electrical Wiring are in a PVC covering and according to BS standard with relevant connector.

Pipe/Valves Green pipes / valves from best local brand.

Dimension Length: 1-12 meters , Width: 1-3 meters .

Options * Hygienic set made from Fiberglass or sandwich panel
*Water heater
*A/C Window
*Kitchen cabinet
*Checkered Aluminum or Iron floor covering
*HDF internal wooden door
*Extra single/double glazed window

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