Mammut Industrial Group Conexes

Mammut Industrial Group Conexes

Conex is one of the high volume products in Mammut Industrial Group which is installed pre-fabricated in various locations and projects for versatile residential and industrial purposes. The design and construction of this conex is based on standards and customer requirements. All the materials utilized in this product have necessary certificates and are in accordance with the highest standards and are controlled by the quality department in advance.

The structure

Floor : 5 cm sandwich panel with Aluzinc sheets (bottom side) and plywood with PVC floor coverings (top side)
Roof : 5 cm sandwich panel with a Aluzinc sheets on both sides
Aluzinc Sheet : 0.5 mm thickness + 7 microns primer and 25 micron paint for better adhesion of foam
The polyurethane foam is uniformly and in one shut injected in the space between reinforced sheets

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