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Drilling Operation Conex is intended for use in oilfield yards (wells, platforms & rigs) as office, residence, laboratory, toilet, kitchen, dining room, deployment of special drilling equipment and so on. Its design and construction is based on customer criteria, standards and demand. Since this type of conex is used in very tough conditions and transported repeatedly, its chassis and body steel structure should be of a great strength. For this reason, the structure is fully analyzed using precise engineering methods and moreover key components like main beams, transversal members and bumpers are IPE360 and its walls are fitted with shock resistant grids too.

Unique Features

In addition to high-quality welding made by automatic machines, drilling operation conex is fully shot blasted and cleansed by thinner then painted with a polyurethane paint and dried in a controlled furnace which all result in a very high durable painting which well resists against all tough weather conditions in oilfields. The floor is made of thick plywood coated by a layer of waterproof resin and covered on top by aluminum checkered plates or typical floor covers. If it is frequently washed, there is no risk of rusting or corrosion in floor because its covering sheets are perfectly uniform and sealed. Wall external and internal coatings are available in two types: 1- Multilayer wood covered by Aluzinc plates. (Office and bed rooms of MDF) It is fixed to wall frame by rivets and screws then there is a middle insulating layer of high-density polyurethane foam injected between steel grids. 2- Mammut Industrial Group sandwich panel, 62 mm thick, reinforced with 40 mm steel box section and 2 mm steel mesh The ceiling is made of Mammut Industrial Group sandwich panel with multi-layer wood in surface which is well covered by sealed steel plates. The entrance door is from sandwich panel with reinforced aluminum frame and sealed by rubber strip. The internal doors are HDF. Drilling operation conex is equipped with smoke detectors and alarms and has a standard electrical system with PVC duct and input connector.

Steel Structure :
Chassis Beam : 3 x IPE.360
Cross Members : 6 x IPE.240
Bumpers : 4 x IPE.160 plus PIPE.139.7*8 with cap

Floor Structure :
Frame : Steel Section L 80
Beams : Steel Section L 60

Walls :
Mesh of Rectangular Steel Sections
80 * 40 / 40 * 40 / 20 * 40

Ceiling :
Structure : Steel Section L 40x40 covered by 3mm sealed metal sheet and integrated with rain gutter.

Welding : All are automatic GMAW
Chassis Substrate & Painting :
Surface preparation : Shot blast according to SA2.5 / SSPC-SP-10
Degreasing & Rinsing : With Pressurized Thinner
Sub-coat : Epoxy liner dried in a controlled paint booth
Chassis Painting : High-quality polyurethane dried in a controlled paint booth

Floor :
24-mm multi-layered wood waterproofed by a layer of resin
(office & sleeping rooms of floor cover)

Wall Covering :
Exterior : 12 mm plywood covered by corrugated Aluzinc sheets (using industrial adhesives and in a compressing process)
Intermediate Layer : 40 kg/m3 foam, inserted between steel mesh of the wall
Interior : 9 mm multi-layered wood sheet glued together (using industrial adhesives and in a compressing process) and covered by Aluzinc sheets
(office & sleeping rooms of 12 mm MDF board)

Roof Covering :
Exterior : 12 mm plywood, covered by 3 mm steel sheet which are welded and sealed
Interior : 4 cm sandwich panel with Aluzinc sheet

External Doors : 4 cm sandwich panel with Aluzinc sheet, reinforced with steel profile / door frame from Aluminum profile with special sealing rubber strip
Internal doors : HDF (wood)
Toilette Doors : 4 cm sandwich panel with Aluzinc sheets on both sides

Lighting & Power Supply System:
Cabling : Cables inside PVC ducts in accordance with BS standard
Sockets & Plugs : European brands
Electrical Panel : Painted steel, dried in furnace
Each room has a smoke detector and alarm / Each conex has an input power connector

Facilities :
Water and sewage pipes: galvanized
Industrial Sinks: From stainless steel
Water Taps : High Quality

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