Mammut Industrial Group Toilet Conex

Mammut Industrial Group Toilet Conex

The first impression when hearing about conex is temporary residence, but in urgent cases when there is a need for toilette and no possibility to construct it, the best way is using conex. The most important features of this conex are low price, quick set up and ability to move and deploy in different locations. Toilet canex is mostly used in construction projects, road passenger services, critical situations, private properties, public places and even industrial yards. It is mainly a temporary solution in general, but Mammut Industrial Group products can be considered for long-terms due to their high quality parts and superior production process.

Facilities and Diversities

Based on the usage, toilet conex is constructed in various sizes and models of single and multi fountains both in Persian and European styles. Moreover it may include a corridor and may be utilized for males and females separately or together based on customer's demand. If required, bathrooms can also be installed in this kind of conex. Facilities for easier use of disabled people are provided appropriately.

Dimensions :
Length : 14,000 mm
Width : 3,500 mm
Height : 4,330 mm

Chassis :
Chassis & components from St.52-3 / Qst380 / S 500
Automatic CO2 welding technology / Merkle, Germany
Main I beams with standard flat bar
All steel stamping parts are assembled using special fixture

Axle :
1 x 12 tons

Suspension :
1 x Spring suspension

Tire/Rim :
4 x tires R 22.5 - 315/80
4 x rims R 22.5 – 9.00”

Landing Gear :
Two-speed adjustable landing leg 24 tons dynamic capacity & 50 tons static capacity

King Pin :
2” dia. (162 KN) with coupling according to SAE standard with special bolster plate

Braking System :
Drum brake with load valves / double acting diaphragm brake chamber / hand brake

Electrical System :
7 & 15 Pole quick release connector with 24 volts rear and side lights plus LED alarming system

Painting :
Shot blasted according to SA 2.5 / Epoxy sub-coat
Final polyurethane coating in white

Interior Doors :
10 x UPVC doors / 1890mm x 700mm / right handed with accessories
10 x UPVC doors / 1890mm x 700mm / left handed with accessories

Exterior Doors :
2 x Galvanized roll-up doors / 1,200 mm wide / front & backPlus gutter to prevent rain leak

Box :
Sandwiched panel with pre-dues Aluzinc sheets
Walls and ceiling of 5 cm / central separating partition
10 x Women's toilets (in rear)
10 x Men's toilets (in front)
20 x Fiberglass toilet cabins with plastic handles and fiberglass bowls
1 x Platform for accessing to women's entrance covered by tent and wall

Floor :
4 mm steel sheet / middle layer 4 mm plastic board / outer layer 3 mm Aluminum checkered plate

Hand Washing Basins :
2 x Double-bowl 500 mm x 1500 mm
2 x Double-bowl 500 mm x 1200 mm
2 x Triple-bowl 500 mm x 2200 mm
With pedestals

Mirrors :
2 x 4 mm thick / dimensions 530 mm x 1200 mm
2 x 4 mm thick / dimensions 530 mm x 1600 mm
2 x 4 mm thick / dimensions 530 mm x 2000 mm

Lighting :
2 x Automatic emergency lights / LED bulb for interior /LED strips for lighting above the walls /Wirings in plastic ducts

Cloth Hooks :
10 x Steel wall mounted triple hook / installed in washroom
20 x Steel wall mounted triple hook / installed in toilets

Utilities :
Taps are all 1/2“.
20 x Flash tanks
8 x Stainless steel water drainage grate 15 cm x 15 cm
2 x Electric water heater / 55 liters
2 x Liquid Soap tanks
2 x Small steel liquid soap dispenser
4 x Shower heads with connections (2 for women, 2 for men)
4 x Air fan / 400 mm x 400 mm / IP54 / 1350RPM / with cap
2 x Electro-pump 0.5 kW 1” / control unit / one extra socket
4” waste water pipes / main outlet inside the room
Piping are on-wall / two inlets in both sides / 0.5” cold water piping

Painting :
Cabins and hand washing basins are White.
Interior walls and toilet bowl according to customer’s need

Accessories :
1 x Gearbox pare wheel carrier / 2 x semi-circle mud guard
2 x rear rain flap / 1x tool box (1 m) / 2 x plastic wheel chocks
2 x steps with handrails (front & rear)
10 x galvanized water tank (800 L)
1 x rear bumper / 1 x handbrake / 2 x ladders / 1 x side guard 2 x lights in the entrance

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