Mammut Industrial Group Guard Conex

Mammut Industrial Group Security Conex

This type of conex is designed and constructed for using as a watchman room, scale (weighing) room, pay toll room in roads, ticket sales room, security turret and other similar applications and is widely used in industrial sites, construction workshops, projects, residential/office/service areas, parks and parking lots. Security conex is a long lasting product because it is made from high-quality Mammut Industrial Group sandwich panels and other components. You may easily supply it with all necessary items such as: desk, typical office items, monitoring and communication systems (phone, security camera, CCTV, alarm) and etc.

Climatic Conditions

The security conex has a strong structure and is weather resistant with a minimized heat loss (thermal dissipation) in body, ceiling and floor thanks to Mammut Industrial Group sandwich panels. Therefore in hot or cold areas it can keep the interior space more uniform using less energy and thus save fuel consumption and prevent further environmental pollution.

Dimensions (External):
Length : 1,100 mm
Width : 1,100 mm
Height : 2,000 mm

Chassis :
I-beam 140 mm (without skid)
Frames of high-strength steel sheets transformed to L section
(Chassis and frames painting of polyurethane)

Walls :
Sandwich Panel with two sides of Aluzinc sheets (25 microns paint outer + 6 microns of primer inner surfaces) and 40 mm injected Polyurethane foam (density 40kg/m3)

Ceiling :
Single sandwich panel with pre-dyed Aluzinc sheets with 50 mm injected polyurethane foam / suitable for any weather conditions / reinforced with steel U sections

Floor :
5 cm sandwich panel / bottom side of Aluzinc sheet / top side from 12 mm plywood / PVC flooring

Door :
1 x exterior door (1,620 mm x 700 mm) / 40 mm sandwich panel / frame of special aluminum profiles / handle & switch lock / glass opening 300 mm x 500 mm

Window :
2 x fixed windows (600 mm x 800 mm)
with drop blinds & steel net / 800 mm from the floor

Electric Wiring :
Standard on-wall wiring inside PVC ducts / incl. lighting, electricity and phone wirings / 1 x extra socket for air conditioner

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