Mammut Industrial Group Cargobox

Mammut Industrial Group Cargobox

MAMMUT Industrial Group is the largest manufacturer of box and other commercial applications in Iran and the Middle East. MAMMUT boxes are exclusively designed based on ATP standards and moreover utilization of the most recent superfine technology has led to significant improvements in lifetime and efficiency of all simple and refrigerated boxes. Our products are preferred by the largest cold chain logistics companies in Iran and the Middle East.

Cargobox Structure

Cargobox as a box installed on the truck is one the best solutions for shipping goods on urban and interurban routes. This light weight application has a high strength structure and insulation against heat and cold. It consists of the followings: body & roof from sandwich panel (double dyed Aluzinc sheets + polyurethane foam), floor from steel checkered plate, lighting system, 18 mm hinged doors from plywood (two sides of Aluzinc) sealed by special rubber strip.

Product :Cargo Carrier on ISUZU 5.2 ton (HB 485-N)


Outside Length: 3200 mm
Internal Length: 3140 mm
Outside Width: 2000 mm
Inside Width: 1920 mm
Inside Height: 1850mm
Capacity : 11 Cubic meters

Chassis Construction :

All welded steel construction to ST52.3/QST380 Tm

Body Construction :

Boxes made from a one piece sandwich panels (polyurethane insulation Bayer Germany) with both side pre-painted Aluminum zinc alloy coated sheets (outside 0.8 mm and inside 0.5 mm) (Top side 25 microns super polyester paint and bottom side special primer) - All profiles holder panel (inside & outside) made of extruded aluminum-
– Wall and Roof thicknesses are 4cm - Floor is checkered iron sheet – A lighting system inside the box .

Rear Door :

Two pieces doors are made from 18 mm wood, with two side’s pre-painted Aluminium-zinc alloy coated sheets. Each door has 2 hinges and one external locks sealed with special PVC gasket .

Cargo Carrier options :

* Big size side door : 90*150 /90*165 cm
* 2 or 4 quarter circle Mudguards
* Big tool box : 1000*450*480 mm
* Small tool box : 510*450*450 mm
* External coloured aluminium profiles
* Floor is chequered plate iron sheet
* Floor is foreign insulated coating wood
* Rear bumper

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