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This type of carrier is used to carry a variety of bottled products such as soft drinks, juices and mineral water. Because this product is mainly used for urban distribution, it is necessary to comply with specific traffic disciplines and for this reason, most of them used for this purpose are ranged from 6 to 9 tons carriers. Since such bottles are shipped in the form of a shrink pack, it is necessary to keep their position sloped enough to prevent cargo collapse in driving maneuvers. For easy access to the load, roll up aluminum doors are used in a variety of colors. Safety figures are included in this carrier using lift-trucks while loading and offloading. Racking size and shape can differ according to the customer's needs.


Urban distribution of products means too much of charging and discharging. Therefore all the concerning components are designed and manufactured to have the highest quality required for this purpose specifically in structure, color and roll up.

Dimensions (External):
Length : 5,000 mm
Width : 2,380 mm
Height : 2,300 mm

Dimensions (Internal):
Length : 4,800 mm
Width : 2,270 mm
Height : 2,160 mm

Volume : 23.5 m3

Chassis :
Chassis from St.52-3 / Qst380 high strength steels

Box :
Having special chassis / Front and rear walls of 2 mm flat steel sheet & ceiling of 2 mm corrugated steel sheet ST.37-2 / longitudinal wall separator from steel profile / indoor lighting / with manual roll-up door on each side / Bumper around the rear and back collars / 1950 mm loading entry gap with 4% slope

Floor :
4 mm Steel checkered plate / Coated with coal tar from beneath

Tool box :
Dimensions : 50 cm x 45 cm x 35 cm

Rear Bumper :
MAMMUT specific bumper with hazard lights & fog lights

Side Protection:
Side protection (guard) from steel profile

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