Mammut Industrial Group Bank Shahr Conex

Mammut Industrial Group Bank Conex

Bank Conex is designed and built to ease the provision of many non-attendance banking services in urban and non-urban areas where establishing a branch is not feasible or economic. This type of conex somehow is considered as an electronic or online branch of the bank. Thus, if the location of the conex is sufficiently favorable for customers, then all the expenses of a real branch and the corresponding employees are saved. You can set up an operator there if you need to guide your customers, explain how to work with the device or how to do some banking tasks.

Mammut Industrial Group Bank Conex Features

Conex body is mainly made from Mammut Industrial Group panel, while its exterior may be Aluminum composite panel or simple sandwich panel. In addition to visual attractiveness, this product is in harmony with the customer's color and logo and moreover its dimensions are considered according to the type and intended space for its services. A conex includes one or more ATMs, and also some other equipment such as: CCTV cameras, warning alarm, fire extinguishing system, air conditioning (cooling and heating), emergency power supplies and automatic intelligent doors. As banking services grow, the use of banking conex is expanding and as a result they are increasingly diversified while their design and construction are optimized.

Dimensions :
Length : 6,200 mm
Width : 4,500 mm
Height : 3,500 mm

Body Structure :
Chassis : Reinforced steel rectangular sections 18 x 18
Columns : Reinforced steel rectangular sections

Walls :
4 cm sandwich panel with 2 coated Aluzinc sheets and polyurethane foam (40 kg/m3) / reinforced
Equipment Room : Sandwich panel, one side Aluzinc & one side 2 mm steel sheet / covered by PVC wallboard
Customers Room : Panel with MDF High Glass
All panels B3 / 0.4 mm coated Aluzinc sheets / white / non-rolled / with perfect flat surface

Ceiling :
Steel rectangular sections / outer surface from 2 mm steel sheets / sealed and coated with 2 mm PVC air-dried insulator
Customers Room : Drop-out ceiling with MDF High Glass sheets
Equipment Room : 4 cm panel with PVC cover / reinforced for installation of antenna and other equipment

Floor :
0.6 mm corrugated steel plate as base / overlaid by steel mesh + light concrete / covered by ceramic tiles / reinforced for installation of required devices

Windows :
Double-glazed fixed UPVC windows
1 x fixed four-lite 8172 x 2127mm
3 x fixed 1657 x 403mm
1 x fixed 2162 × 4015mm
Inner Glass : 4 mm tempered glass
Outer Glass : 6 mm reflective glass

Doors :
Customers Room :
1 x automatic sliding glass door (3 m wide) with a backup battery for a minimum opening and closing capacity of 10 times

Equipment Room :
1 x anti-theft door (85 cm wide)

Electrical Utilities :
Interior Wiring : On-wall wiring by PVC ducts inside the drop-out ceiling

Wall Wiring : In-wall wiring

Lighting :
Ceiling lights inside the drop-out ceiling / exterior lighting by Plexiglas & SMD / LED red line-light around the devices

Connectors :
Connections, power input and network are supplied from the top / all same brand of cable manufacturer

Sockets :
2 x sockets in customers room on side-walls

Cameras :
2 x cameras in the customers room
1 x camera in the equipment room
2 x cameras next to the front door

Capacity 4 KVA with battery and rack for supplying power to network equipment and other devices

Network :
8 x two-nodes labeled sockets with Cat6 UTP cable
9 x wall racks / 8 x power modules / 1 x patch panel 24 ports / structured cabling / connectors and patch panels installed according to TIA-EIA 568 B / Cable from Latix, Net Plus or D-link

Equipment :
Air Conditioning (AC) :
2 x 12000 BTU split units with inverter plus condenser shields / condensers on the roof / AC panel on the inner wall and above

Safety and Security :
Smoke and heat detectors / alarm box / alarm & flasher
2 x 6kg fire extinguisher (foam & CO2)

Structure :
4 x hooks / 2 x water gutters / earth well with standard resistance and OGB / flooring, foundations & platforms

Facade :
As customer requests / Composite and MDF view / external view of PVC laminate / bank boards on top of the canex on three sides.

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