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Bunkers are used in various industries to transport bulk materials in powder form. Bunkers depending to their body, are used to carry cement, flour and other edible powders. The working in closed and sealed space of bunker is simple: loading by gravity and discharging by compressed air. The series of valves located in the powder passage are opened and closed according to a specific sequence so that the content in separate compartments can be drained off in order. Bunkers don’t have a separate chassis so it is quite necessary to think of some considerations in designing of the tank body so that it can be easily and safely joined to the axles and other sub-sections. Apparently during braking and other bunker maneuvers, all the longitudinal and lateral forces are transferred to the tank itself.

Pneumatic Discharge

To transfer contents of the bunkers, a small diesel compressor which is installed on the chassis provides required compressed air. The small diesel engine, which is usually air-cooled, operates a piston compressor. The compressor intakes air through the filters, squeezes it to a certain amount and consequently directs it into the hoses and piping system. This pressurized air first suspends the powder and then carries the suspended powder to required distance.

line) height from ground.
Pressure : 2.6 bar Operating pressure : 2.0 bar
Fluidizing system : Meyer-Glitza (Germany) fluidizing/aeration system for
efficient discharge.
Safety equipment : The bulker will be fitted with Air pressure gauge & Safety release valve
on aeration piping.
Axle : 3 x 12 Tons BPW (Germany) axles, multi-leaf spring over slung
Technical Data & Specification Sheet
Company Details :
P.O.Box 28414, Dubai, U.A.E
Tel: +971 4 8107777
Fax: +971 4 8107773
Tyres : 12+1 nos 1200 R20” tyres Bridgestone/Dunlop Twin fitment.
Rims : 12+1 nos. 8.50 x 20” Rims
Comp. & Engine : Betico Air compressor SB-D with Deutz 3Cyl. F3L912 Diesel engine
with Oil bath filters assembly.
Brakes : Wabco® or Knorr® (Germany) Twin line airbrakes, acting on all
wheels with ‘S’ cam actuation.
- Two single acting diaphragm brake chambers per axle.
- Service & emergency relay valves.
- Automatic load sensing valve.
- Air reservoir.
- Manual winding type parking brake.
Landing gear : Two speed mechanical telescopic type landing legs.
Jost® A-400 (Germany)
King pin : Jost® (Germany) (KZ-1016) or equivalent 3 ½” dia. To
SAE standard.
Electrics : 7 way quick release connector, Pair of 24 volts rear light units,
comprising tail light, brake and signal lights fitted with high intensity
bulbs Aspock® or equivalent.
-Side markers.
-Registration plate lamps.
-Triangular reflectors at rear.
Accessories : - Steel mudguards with rubber mudflaps for rear wheels.
- 1 no. Toolbox without tools (at rear)
- 1 no. Spare wheel carrier winch type.
- Rear bumper with yellow & black reflecting stripes.
- Rear ladder to tank top and 450 mm full length grating walkway.
- 1 no. Discharge hose 4” x 5 m with 4” Storz-A coupling.
Painting System : Internal – No blasting and.painting.
External- Surface treatment-Grit blasted to S.A.2.5
Enamel paint system (Customer to inform RAL code)

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