Mammut Industrial Group Car Carrier

Mammut Industrial Group Car Carrier

Car Carriers are used to carry a variety of passenger cars and trucks from ports or vehicle manufacturing companies to sales representatives. The number of cars/trucks carried by this type of semi-trailers depends on the size of vehicles to be shipped so in order to increase this number, complex structures and moving surfaces together with jacks are utilized. These semi-trailers are mainly produced in three axles with single wheels.

Transport Safety

Since cars/trucks shipped by these semi-trailers are mostly expensive, strict considerations are applied in design and constructing of such applications to ensure the safe loading, transport and offloading of shipment in the best practical manner. Consequently their light chassis is strong enough and second floor fixing & lifting mechanism is very safe. Moreover, the necessary measures are taken to stabilize and control the vehicles in these applications in the best possible way. On the other hand, anti-lock braking system (ABS), EBD (Electronic Braking Distribution) as well as RSP (Roll Stabilizing Program) have enhanced the efficiency of these semi-trailers.

Dimensions :
Length : 17,750 mm
Width : 2,600 mm

Overall Dimensions with Truck :
Length : 20,750 mm
Height : 4,500 mm
(Designed for 4 x 2 trucks)

Loading :
8 x Cars (4,400 mm long) on 2 floors / 2 x trucks on one floor

Pin in higher position :
1 x car (height 1670 mm) on the king pin plate and 3 x cars (height 1850 mm) on the lower floor
4 x cars (height 1380 mm) on the upper floor

Pin in lower position :
1 x car (height 1520 mm) on the king pin plate and 3 x cars (height 1700 mm) on the lower floor
4 x cars (height 1530 mm) on the upper floor

Trailer Structure :
Chassis and fixed lower floor / upper floor moving and pivoted to the front pillars (pinned in two positions) / two jacks in the front and two jacks in the rear for changing the upper floor position / two steel pillars in front / two steel pillars in rear

Hydraulic Unit :
4 x three-stage telescopic jack with a capacity of 6.5 tons / electromechanical motor / power pump / oil tank / hydraulic circuit including flow control valves, relief valves, divider & combiner valves and related pumps

Chassis :
Chassis & components from St.52-3 / Qst380 / S 500 Automatic CO2 welding technology / Merkle, Germany
Main I beams with standard flat bar All steel stamping parts are assembled using special fixture

Floor :
The ride passage of 3 mm punched steel

Axle :
2 x 12 tons SAF®/BPW® Germany

Suspension :
Spring suspension VBT (SAF®/BPW® Germany)

Tire/Rim :
8 x tires 315/80 - R22.5"
8 x rims 9.00 x 22.5"

Landing Gear :
Two-speed adjustable landing leg 24 tons dynamic capacity & 50 tons static capacity

King Pin :
2” dia. with coupling according to SAE standard with special bolster plate

Braking System :
Knorr® Germany, drum
2-lines air circuits with automatic load sensing valves
Two double acting diaphragm brake chamber (2 rear axles)
ABS (Anti Lock Braking System)

Electrical System :
7 & 15 Pole quick release connector with 24 volts rear and side lights plus LED alarming system
Painting :
Shot blasted according to SA 2.5 / Epoxy sub-coat Final polyurethane coating as customer required

Accessories :
Spare wheel carrier / 2 x tool boxes / 1 x steel water tank 125 L / 2 x plastic wheel chocks / 1 x hand brake / 2 x rear ramps for loading cars / 2 x steel ladders for accessing to the upper floor / 16 x spring wheel chucks for fixing the wheels / 1 x fire extinguisher box / 2 x rear mud flaps

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