Mammut Industrial Group Low Bed Semi Trailer

Mammut Industrial Group Low Bed Semi Trailer

This application is a type of flatbed with a higher length, width and capacity. Lowbeds depending on their design may have 2, 3 or more axles and are mainly used to carry heavy-duty road vehicles as well as other heavy industrial equipment with unusual dimensions. Driving with a lowbed requires the observance of some specific traffic rules i.e. escort by patrol cars and moreover comply with certain regulations such as low speed, traffic hours and using extra signs to prevent driving accidents.

Center of Gravity

Unconventional loads have high elevation, so their traffic on urban and road surfaces is difficult due to limits in height of bridges and additionally heavy loads put lowbed stability in danger. Consequently designers tried to solve both problems in one shut by decreasing chassis height between the kingpin and rear axles. Depending on the nature of shipment, the rear body can be extended in order to distribute the load on the chassis and axles as evenly as possible. The lowbed platform provided at the end of chassis, has a major role in loading and offloading of such cargoes.

Dimensions :
Length : 15,000 mm
Width : 3,200 mm

Loading Deck
Length : 10,500 mm

Max. Payload : 60 tons

Weight : 13.2 ton

Chassis :
Chassis & components from St.52-3 / Qst380 / S 500
Automatic CO2 welding technology / Merkle, Germany
Main I beams with standard flat bar
All steel stamping parts are assembled using special fixture

Floor :
Steel checkered plate 6 mm thick
Welded on the chassis and cross members

Axle :
3 x 16 tons SAF®/BPW® Germany

Suspension :
6 x Spring suspension VBT (Germany)

Tire/Rim :
12 x tires R 20 x 8.5
12 x rims (3 pieces) R 20 - 8.5”

Landing Gear :
Two-speed adjustable landing leg 24 tons dynamic capacity & 50 tons static capacity

King Pin :
3.5” dia. (280 KN) with coupling according to SAE standard with special bolster plate

Braking System :
Knorr® Germany, drum
2-lines air circuits with automatic load sensing valves
Two double acting diaphragm brake chamber (2 rear axles)
ABS (Anti Lock Braking System)

Electrical System :
7 & 15 Pole quick release connector with 24 volts rear and side lights plus LED alarming system

Painting :
Shot blasted according to SA 2.5 / Epoxy sub-coat
Final polyurethane coating as customer required

Accessories :
Spare wheel carrier including rotating lifting arm
2 x carrier hooks / 1 x 80 L air tank / 2 x steel wheel chocks
Fire extinguisher box / 1 x tool boxes / 2 x rear spring ramps
2 x special rear jacks

Options :
125 L stainless steel water tank / Spare tire & rim

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